Problem: Create a campaign to differentiate Sonos portable speakers from other brands.

Insight: Since the days of the record player, there has been a constant dispute over what music should be playing at what time. Sonos gives you one less thing to fight about with the ability to stream different music throughout your home.

Concept | Art Direction | Designing 



For a day, Sonos will take over the Bellagio's fountain shows in Las Vegas. There will be two Sonos speakers on either side of the water. The right side will be automatically controlled. The left side will be controlled by the viewers through the Sonos app. 


Two songs will be up for vote. Each time the majority of one song takes over, the fountain will switch its routine, and splash people causing a chaotic show, demonstrating the dispute over music. 

But when there is is a clear winner the whole show on the left side, then there is harmony on both sides of the lake, and there is a beautiful fountain show.

All is sound.