I am Rebecca Light. No, not the girl who sings that horrendous Friday song and no, I am not named after a beer. But I am the most creative minded, delightful Rebecca Light that you'll meet.

Having a curious and adventurous personality, skills in graphic design and photography, and interests in music and sports---I have been drawn to the worlds of visual and conceptual arts. (I am of course also a master in the art of fine, and not-so-fine, dining.)

If I am ever missing, you might find me at the venue with the live music and craft beer, the nose bleeds of a NYG football game, or back home at the local Jersey bagel shop.

I'm an oldie at heart, so it's likely you'll catch me jamming to classic rock.

On March 3, 2015; Cape Town was the hottest city in the world at that time. 

I was there.

I became a certified elephant trainer in Thailand.

Toilet paper hanging "under" is my biggest pet peeve.

Taco Tuesday is my favorite day.